DALI Lighting controls have become and indispensable part of modern lighting control systems. The use of DALI wiring simplifies the installation and retains flexibility for adjustment over the life of any building project. DALI device feedback generates the necessary data and reports to enable flexible building management strategies.

iLight DALI system components seemlessly integrate with the wider iLight network system features, software and capabilities to create a highly flexible, scalable and adaptable building control solution that may be tailored to individual requirements.

iLight source controllers are mechanically elegant, practical to use and above all safe.

They offer unrivalled choice of control with a substantial range of options enabling the specifier and installer to build up any size of system in virtually any combination. All products are future proof due to their software-based structure and upgradeable firmware.

Our extensive experience in architectural lighting controls has enabled us to incorporate a wealth of small, detailed features that collectively make the best all round source controllers available today.

The iLight range of user interfaces can be configured to match any specification for scene setting, time based scene selection, sequencing, and simple manual fader control.

iLight manufactures a range of integration tools to assist with the construction and configuration of the iCAN network and for interfacing with external system components.

Enterprise Suite is the front-end PC application for monitoring and controlling iLight systems. Contact your local iLight representative for infomation on applying the software suite to your project.

These standard units allow the iLight system functions to be triggered automatically from a sensor.

In addition to our interfacing tools iLight also provide a number of accessories to further enhance the capability and usability of the iLight control system.