Can Office Lighting Increase Productivity?

FACTS: The American Society of Interior Design found that 68% employees are discontent with the lighting in their offices.“The sterile, bright office lights that are so common in the corporate world are terrible for mental health,” asserts Guillaume Vidal, CEO of Green Creativity. Lighting can transform the workplace from a cold, unnatural place, to a warm, inviting space for creativity and collaboration.

Bright Light Increase Stress Level

It goes without saying that harsh, bright lights damage productivity by making us depressed and stressed out. 

Go With Cool Light

But science suggests that there is a type of light that boosts our productivity, and that is Cool Light ( Between 4,000K to 7,000K ). Many companies are creating personalized controls for each employee. Customization is the key.

No Idea How To Do It Right?

Lighting specialist companies such as JustLight Lighting can provide and help us the right choice for our needs.